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Training Program

trainer performing CPR for training students

Always be prepared for the unexpected!

When emergencies arise, it’s important to make the right initial response. To help you become better prepared for medical emergencies, Apex Healthcare Solutions LLC offers CPR/AED and FIRST AID Training Programs. These programs are open to all healthcare providers and Heartsavers.

Other trainings and services include:

  • Initial Certified Medication Technician classes (CMT)
  • 4-Hour Clinical Update for CMT License Renewal
  • Choking and Dysphagia
  • All DDA Mandated Trainings
  • Delegating Nursing Services

For more information, contact us at 443-929-5332 or write an email to:

Please fill out the form below to register for CMT Classes. Registration is $30 which is non refundable but goes towards the final fee.